List of best articles on Messi

Hi! Today is Leo Messi’s 32nd birthday…The following is a short and subjective list (in no particular order) containing some of the best articles I have read on Messi. It’s more like a personal archive, which I will obviously update in the future, convinced that the best articles on Messi are yet to be written.

The Ball Is the End: Assessing Lionel Messi’s Career on the 10th Anniversary of His Debut for Barcelona

Brian Phillips

“He’s 27, in his prime; but his next 10 years are not likely to be as golden as his last 10 were. How could they be? Still, I can’t feel sorry for him. He seems magical to us not just because of his awesome talent, but because the game still seems magical to him. A lot of the time, we treat what the ball does on the pitch as a means; we rush past it to talk about legacy, rankings, fame, contracts, transfers, whatever. For Messi, I think, it’s the opposite. A contract is a means. Celebrity is a means. Being in sync with his teammates is a means. Even winning is a means. The ball is the end.”

And he’s gone in a flash, goalward

Rowan Ricardo Phillips

“It’s been tough to accept what we’re seeing, so many make what we’re seeing more terrestrial: we compare him with a goal-bagger who feasts on penalties and counter attacks because we need something that seems to make sense to us — muscles and running and its implication that those muscles and that running could have, with some luck, been you. There is no dreaming of playing like Leo Messi; the body and mind refuse your request.”

Ancora vi stupite per Messi?

Daniele Manusia

“E invece il talento di Messi è intatto, come la croce d’oro di Notre Dame che brilla nelle macerie dell’incendio, non per un miracolo divino, ma perché è fatto di una lega con un punto di fusione più alto dei materiali comuni.”

Messi es un perro

Hernán Casciari

“No se tira ni se queja. No busca con astucia el tiro libre directo ni el penal. En cada fotograma, él sigue con los ojos en la pelota mientras encuentra equilibrio. Hace esfuerzos inhumanos para que aquello que le hicieron no sea falta, ni sea tampoco amarilla para el defensor contrario.”

Lionel Messi is impossible

Benjamin Morris

“It’s not possible to shoot more efficiently from outside the penalty area than many players shoot inside it. It’s not possible to lead the world in weak-kick goals and long-range goals. It’s not possible to score on unassisted plays as well as the best players in the world score on assisted ones. It’s not possible to lead the world’s forwards both in taking on defenders and in dishing the ball to others. And it’s certainly not possible to do most of these things by insanely wide margins. … But Messi does all of this and more.”

The burden of being Messi

Jeff Himmelman

“The greatest gift for Messi during these years is that he never lost the Argentine accent. You can’t imagine what it would have been for him if he hadn’t had it. They probably would have killed him.”

Who is the best footballer of all time?

Football Arguments

“Messi’s game is marked by the cool efficiency that is usually reserved for central midfielders like Toni Kroos.”

Héroes: un Kryptoniano en el Camp Nou

Javier Alberdi & David Mata

“Superman y Messi brillan basan su carisma en no tener el carisma de los grandes líderes.”

Lionel Messi – As infinite as the Universe

Jen Evelyn

“I’ve always been scared of writing about Lionel Messi. Not so much scared of how people will respond to what I write, not worried about how many clicks it will get. Rather, afraid of writing something that miserably fails to do him any kind of justice. It’s like trying to explain the Universe: There’s the part we all see, there’s the part that needs to be studied to be understood, and finally, there’s the part that none of us can really grasp or comprehend.”

I am sure there are also many other beautiful articles on Messi that I am not aware of. You may add your suggestions in the comments section and I will try to add the articles it in the above list.

In October 2012 Michael Cox wrote Lionel Messi is three world class players in one but the link seems to not working. I tried to find the article but couldn’t…

Also, in this blog I have written few pieces, directly or indirectly related to Messi, that you might find not boring:

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