There are two kind of teams in the Liga

How do Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid perform in the Liga BBVA 2015/2016 if we consider the quality of the opponents they have faced up to now? We can look at the below graph:


Graph 1 – Performance in the Liga 2015/16 according to opponent quality for Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

The graph shows the cumulative points/game (starting from the TOP) won by each of the top 3 teams of the Liga taking into account to the quality of the opponent. Opponent quality here is represented by the average points/game won in the Liga 2015/16. All Liga teams are ranked in the horizontal axis according to the average points/game they have in the current Liga season, starting from the top (Barcelona, 2.53 points/game) to the bottom (Levante, 0.80 points/game).

The graph is self explanatory… Barcelona’s performance against the top teams is much better than their main title rivals, Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid, hence their relatively large points gap in the ranking.

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