Dear Sport, be sport and stop stealing my stats

They say “imitation is the greatest form of flattery,” but when you’re a sports journal that wants to be taken seriously, imitation is not just wrong, it is also a crime called plagiarism.

Last Tuesday (February 23rd, 2016), after the Arsenal vs Barcelona Champions League match, I posted two stats (involving Messi and ter Stegen respectively) on my Twitter account:


The next day (Wednesday, February 24th, 2016), the Spain-based sports journal Sport published in their website two articles talking about the stats in my tweets, exactly those stats, but just in a narrative way:

In both pieces, they didn’t mention me as the source of those data. I find this very unfair and offensive, especially considering the time I spent in working on those stats. Such a pity.

When I became aware of the ter Stegen article, I got in touch with the author through Twitter. He claimed he didn’t write that piece (although his name was listed as the author). He said he got the data from my Twitter account and that he forwarded them to his colleague who wrote the article.

He promised to make the necessary correction on the article and to credit my Twitter account as the source. Though he did it later, my Twitter handle was misspelled.

A few hours later, I read the article about Messi and thought it would be pointless if I have to go after them one by one. The Messi article had a different author.

Then I decided to write this, as a constructive way to avoid this. It is really a pleasure and a huge consideration to be mentioned and for my work to appear in big media but not referencing other people’s work is something I don’t find tolerable.

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